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Career Pathways

Volume Assessment Services

BIA’s Career Pathways Assessment Service utilises a valid and internationally recognised suite of online tests comprising Interests, Occupational Abilities and Occupational Values assessments.  The system produces a report which is then refined through an online interactive process, facilitated by a BIA consultant, to generate preferred career path options.

BIA’s focus is on the assessment of large groups from a complete class to a full school year level.


Our Goals


  • Assist students to choose subjects and career paths which align with their interests, abilities and values.
  • Assist students to take responsibility for, and to build commitment to, making informed subject and career path decisions.


  • Assist schools to align student subject choices with their capabilities and values, creating a foundation for a cost effective, enjoyable and rewarding secondary school experience.


  • Assist parents to provide informed guidance and support to their children to make the most of their child’s potential.

How can BIA’s Career Pathways Assessment be utilised?

  • Year 10Plan subject choices for Years 11 and 12.
  • Years 11 or 12Make informed decisions about career path options and post school direction – job, further tertiary or occupational study.
  • Individual student assessment and parent feedbackGeneration of quantitative data to assist parents and students to make informed decisions about career path options and subject choices.
  • Full Year Level cohort assessment (e.g. Year 10) to assist schools, students, parents, mentors and counsellors to make informed subject choice decisions and to understand cohort preferences and trends.

    Key Process Elements


    • Occupational Interest Inventory - Which occupational activities does the student prefer?
    • Occupational Ability Survey - Matching the student’s occupational abilities with career cluster groups.
    • Occupational Values Survey - What is important to the student in terms of how they prefer to function in a work environment?

    Administration and Feedback

    • Online assessment of groups in supervised conditions (preferable) or at home.
    • The test can be taken in one session or in a number of shorter sessions.
    • Interactive feedback session with a BIA consultant to generate a BIA Career Pathways Report based on personal preferences and abilities.
    • Optional parent feedback.
    • Data feedback to schools on group characteristics and year-on-year trends.


      For the Student and Parents

      • Involvement and engagement which challenges, inspires, builds commitment and a positive momentum.
      • Avoidance of poor subject choices which can inhibit achievement of student potential.
      • Improved performance and satisfaction from subjects matched to natural abilities.
      • Avoidance of financial consequences for students, parents and schools from poor subject choices.

      For the School

      • Investment in improving the quality of subject and career choices based on quantitative and objective student based data.
      • Student preference and ability data for cohort research and future planning.
      • BIA assessment adds value to School Career Guide and the QTAC course choice process.


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