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Business Planning & Strategy

Business Improvement Audit

Business Plng and Strategy picBIA has the capability to deploy a multi-disciplinary team to audit financial, legal, strategic, operational and human resource processes.  Recommendations for improvements are made together with options for strategic action.

Human Resource Reviews for Acquisition

BIA’s specialisation in HR is focused on HR audits of potential acquisitions.  Reports and recommendations examine HR resources, profiles, systems, processes, capabilities, morale, culture and issues.

Regain Control of your Business

Smaller business owners can regain control of their business through a functional redesign which focuses systems ad teams towards the business’ objectives.  Control of the organisation is achieved by a clarification of the owner’s business plan and employee roles.  BIA has assisted businesses from car dealerships to coal mines.

Organisational Structure Design

BIA uses the latest research and your experience to match the business’ vision, market position and strategy to organisational structure.  A “road map” to progressively achieve organisational change is provided.

Work Design and Personnel Placement Services

BIA specialises in defining new roles by peer expectation surveys and systematic work design profiling.  We also provide position descriptions, person specifications, performance monitoring measures, recruitment and selection assistance services.

Human Resource Management Strategy Formulation

BIA provides high level advice to CEO’s on HR strategy and processes.

Benchmarking of Key Organisational Processes

BIA has conducted a number of benchmarking studies, both within Australia and in Asia and the USA.