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HR Management


Many small and medium sized companies need to address human resource management issues, yet are too small to employ a full time Human Resources Manager.

As a business grows the need for clear roles, performance management, effective teams and fair remuneration will increase, and if not addressed can significantly impact on the capability of a business.

BIA can help by providing an integrated Human Resources Management service.

A part time Human Resource Management service can be tailored to your situation and could involve the following elements:

  • Clarify roles and person specifications for recruitment and development
  • Identify the required competencies and training requirements of employees
  • Identify cost effective training resources – internal and external
  • Identify HRM priorities matched to budget, availability and needs
  • Produce and manage an annual training programme
  • Manage the attendance of your employees
  • Performance management and 360⁰ feedback processes
  • Manage employee counselling and assistance programme
  • Manage employee recruitment and induction


This arrangement provides the client with professional Human Resources Management without the need to employ a full time person to perform that task.

Employees also feel that their needs are being objectively and professionally managed.