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Individuals & Teams

Individuals and Teams picGROWTH OF INDIVIDUALS

Coaching of “high leverage” people through assessment of potential, clarification of roles and performance expectations, and a tailored coaching programme spanning a defined period.  This service has a high probability of success as the targeted individuals are locked into the coaching process.

Performance Management System design, implementation and maintenance.  Performance review processes can enhance performance through reward and guidance – if they are seen as a constructive tool.  BIA has achieved outstanding results through developing processes matched to the unique needs of clients.

Employee Potential Diagnosis. Through the use of personality tests each employee can be assessed for their suitability to perform their role, together with the development required to reach expected performance.

Development needs analysis based on competencies, skills and experience matched to each job role.

Development of 360⁰ Feedback tools. A well designed and implemented and confidentially managed 360⁰ feedback system is one of the most powerful ways of changing and maintaining behaviour.  BIA currently manages 360⁰ feedback systems for a number of organisations.


Team effectiveness is enhanced through BIA’s structured processes in:

  • Team effectiveness diagnosis
  • Planning, goal setting and role clarification
  • Challenge and problem identification, problem solving, action planning
  • Relationship improvement through exploration of issues, individual leadership styles, employee styles and team roles
  • Conflict resolution



  • Identification of the critical issues which impact on the relationship between teams and the management of processes to build bridges to enhance productive work relationships
  • Enhancing the relationship between management teams and employee representative teams during day to day interaction or during enterprise bargaining processes.