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Performance Review


Performance Review is a key tool which assists leaders to understand employees’ contributions to the organisation.  When effectively designed, the process should link business objectives and culture to each person’s work performance.

The performance review process is primarily a developmental tool whose primary focus should be to steer the development of each employee to reach his/her performance potential, and, if they wish, to prepare them for future career development.  It has three phases comprising planning, giving and receiving feedback and coaching to achieve desired outcomes.

The process is a shared responsibility between the employee, the leader and the reviewing Manager, and is based on the foundation of the Business Improvement Plan, the culture and values of the organisation, and individual position descriptions.

BIA custom designs performance review systems which have the following objectives:

  • Movement towards becoming a more effective and sustainable company by linking the Business Improvement Plans, KPI’s and Improvement Tasks to individual performance.
  • Clarification of expectations about work responsibilities, accountabilities and on-the-job behaviour.
  • Assistance for employees to achieve their performance potential.
  • Assistance for leaders to develop the leadership skills that foster performance, teamwork, commitment, job satisfaction and enjoyment at work.
  • Increased ability to effectively target training and development to employee needs.
  • Creation of opportunities to openly discuss career planning and professional development
  • Improvement of the relationship between leaders and team members.
  • Improved communication.
  • Creation of opportunities for employees and leaders to receive recognition and feedback on personal contributions to the business and abilities.