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EA signed without lost time due to culture development strategy

Enterprise Agreements can be difficult to negotiate, depending on the ongoing organisational culture, external political influences, quality of relationships between management, leaders, employee representatives and the overall workforce. After a challenging and painful EA process lasting 2 years, BIA developed a long term strategy which focused on establishing a culture based on mutual respect to enable the next EA process to proceed without lost time or long term destruction of work relationships. This was achieved.

BIA developed a culture change process with the following elements:

Understanding the culture - Existing values and desired values, mine performance, corporate expectations, employee perceptions, key operational issues, driving and restraining forces impacting on change.

Senior Management Team - Alignment, develop desired culture and direction

Strategic Improvement Plan based on Critical Success Factors - Blueprint for change and ongoing review and action

Communication processes - Communication of Values and ongoing reinforcement

Operational and support processes - Refinement

Leadership development - Fundamentals of Value-based leadership, leadership conversations, self and 360 analysis, on-the-job coaching

Team effectiveness – Operating, support and inter team

Performance management – Job descriptions, performance review, personal performance planning, accountability to deliver