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Recruitment strategy halves safety incidents at mine site

BIA has developed and is implementing an assessment strategy based on job analysis and desired values and culture. Our strategy complements the client’s internal recruitment process and comprises a range of tests matched to the cognitive, personality and physical requirements of each job role. Evaluation of new employee work performance compared to non-assessed contractors on the same site has shown a significant reduction in safety incidents and absenteeism, while at the same time an increased responsiveness in training and individual productivity.

Research has shown that on the job behaviour - including safe work practices - is founded on a person’s physical and cognitive capabilities, their personality and the knowledge, skills and experience they have acquired.  In the past and even today some operations recruit people based on subjective judgement or recommendations from others.  Using this approach, the probability of finding a person who matches the requirements of the job is little better than the toss of a coin and leaves the enterprise vulnerable to selection decisions being influenced by political pressure, bias and favouritism.

The legislative requirements on enterprises to create and maintain safe working environments and the need to identify and manage risks are becoming more and more stringent.  The process and tools we have assembled for the BIA approach to recruitment develops a workforce who have the potential to operate machinery and processes in a safe and risk free manner, who have the capability to learn faster, are more reliable and who are matched to the culture and values that will carry the business forward to a sustainable future.

Different jobs require different sets of physical (psychomotor) capabilities, cognitive (mental) abilities, perceptual abilities, personal attributes, learned skills and experience.  BIA has assembled a range of assessment tools that are matched to the four possible capability dimensions for a position. If a relevant combination of assessment tools, past performance checks and interviewing is used, the probability of successful selection increases to over 70%.