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Recruitment alt picThere are few more critical decisions than choosing
a new employee.

Careful selection:

  • Adds value
  • Reduces time to train and coach, and to correct
    unsatisfactory performance
  • Enhances desired culture
  • Enables leader time to be more effectively utilised.


BIA’s employment and recruitment services are
tailor made for each client.

We assist employers to select the right person for the role.

Managing the selection process

Our service saves clients precious time by managing the complete selection process from job definition, through advertising, targeting specific individuals, assessment of short-listed candidates, management of the structured interview process, and review 
of previous performance through referee and performance checks.

Assisting an internal selection process by:

  • Analysing a job role and generating a work profile, competencies, assessment criteria and assessment methodology
  • Assessing the ability and personality of short-listed candidates and providing a comprehensive report for the interview panel. 
    All candidates receive feedback on test results.
  • Generating a detailed job role incorporating areas of achievement, key performance indicators, organisation structure
    and person specification.
  • Clarifying organisation structure to ensure job size, content and reporting lines match the direction and culture of your organisation.
  • Assisting new employees to rapidly reach their potential by providing a report focusing on matching leadership style to employee personality and individual development needs.
  • Managing structured interviews based on a person specification matched to the job role.
  • Assisting prospective applicants to prepare resumes.
  • Developing a validated profile of key roles in your organisation to identify your best performers, the personality and ability factors that contribute to performance and the selection criteria to increase the probability of selecting high performers in future selection processes.
  • Confidentially identifying and targeting potential employees and sensitively managing the employment process.